Price on talents..

As an artist developing my craft, I have been the “victim” of people trying to get over on me. I want to know if people do not understand that you have to pay for quality work. Maybe it’s me, but if I want something of value, I intend to pay for it. For example, I went to a private university.. and I paid a PRIVATE university tab. Trust me, I know my talents WILL pay off in the long run. Money right now isn’t the biggest issue.

My problem is that people request services of me (which I am very grateful for), and want Steven Spielberg material with a dollar tree budget. Now I know I am not to the caliber of Hype Williams, not even close. But I see a lot of companies spending money on brochures, advertising, commercials, etc. These are all materials a company uses to advance its growth and network. I think people downplay the work that goes into editing, Photoshopping even social media marketing. A three minute video can take upwards to 20 hours (total) to finish. Does anyone else have opinions on people not valuing their art, but wanting a masterpiece?


One thought on “Price on talents..

  1. Thanks soooooo much for the likes you all! I do appreciate it. I am trying to use my blog more often I have soooo much to say..


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