Birthday Blues make for Birthday Greatness

Sooooo.. I turned a year older this weekend. I am not even going to lie, I was struck by the Birthday Blues.. Wait you don’t know what they are? They are the sad feeling you get around your birthday when you feel like “OMG, I am getting older”.. It was crazy I always thought Na, I’ll never get it, I love my birthday. But I did get it! It was interesting honestly. I had feelings of growing older, leaving my friends, and just all this said energy about me.

After realizing, “Hey, I’ve accomplished so much at such a young age” How can I be sad? I am happy and I have supportive positive people around me..I celebrated with my friends and sisters. It was awesome. It was small and simple, but definitely necessary and enjoyed.

What more can I ask for? I truly had a great birthday once i got over myself.. lol.. I can’t wait to see where I am next year. But I am definitely enjoying today!

Here are some pictures from this weekend.



Jasmine Ay


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