Early AM. Inspiration.

So I am not really sure what is going on. I have been waking up every morning at around 4 – 430a to use the bathroom. Can anyone tell me why I am waking up? Sheesh.. Lol. My body is on a constant time clock. I go to bed at about midnight (which is super late, I know) then I wake up at about 4-430a to use the restroom. I check my social media then head to bed. Then, for the past 2 weeks, my good friend has called me before he goes into work at 730-745a. This is bizarre. I am not sure if I am anticipating his phone call or I just really have to go to the potty. lol.. Please help.

On another note!

I have some early morning inspiration. Now if you know me, you know I have ideas for days for different businesses and ventures I would like to start. There is a company I am currently working on called.. Jasmine Ay. right now, I am freelancing my videography.photography. and graphic design services. But I want to do more. Right now, I am about to be in transition into a new job in California, so I know that is my first priority, but I would like to get this business really kicking, once I get settled. I have been working on my website.. which has been a pain. I just need to get better at consistency. I have been inspired by the blog www.inhershoesblog.com. It is a blog that highlights “Fly Female Entrepreneurs”. I want to be featured on this site one day. (I expect this day to happen VERY soon, well not that soon, but you get my drift) The site is great it offers advice, beauty tips, hot spots, conferences for the female entrepreneur. I then landed on another site and found that its owner Renae Bluitt, founded Crush Media. Crush Media is a concept that I love. I think they are a huge inspiration for what I want to do. Throughout y viewing of the In Her Shoes Blog, I found Midwin Charles. She a bad a** lawyer and media personality among other titles. Her story was so intriguing. She graduated from law school and had a solid job at an international law firm and quit. She now is the owner of her own firm. She books public speaking gigs and is constantly in the media talking about law, business, politics and more. A real powerhouse if you ask me. You can find more about Ms. Charles here. What do you think?

Another chimed note.

I have decided to blog more regularly. I am not sure if I have fans out there, but I really want to take this seriously. I think blogging is sooooo cool and I think I am pretty interesting person. What better way to tell my crazy, unique stories then through my blog? lol. I hope you all enjoy entering my world. I have my first VLOG coming up. Anything you all are interested to read about? Let me know.

Take care. Back to bed I go. At least I will try

Jasmine Ay


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