A Path to a Fruitful Garden…

Taken at my graduation party, my sorority sisters.

So I know I said my next blog post would be on financial matters and Lord knows it is very relevant to me as of right now. But I wanted to take the time out and discuss my weekend and the new people I have been in contact with lately.

In the beginning of last week, I was fortunate enough to go out to dinner with one of my friends I met last summer. He had just graduated from college and is waiting to leave for his new job in Washington State (pretty nifty). He’s going to be making bank fresh out of college. (I couldn’t be more proud) Anywho, he took me out to a bar where we caught up with his friends. He refers to them as “the crew”. They had also just graduated and were accepting new positions in the next few weeks.

It dawned on me that my circle of friends were very similar. We all are headed off to post graduate work or entering our career fields. I think we are all pretty kick a** if you ask me. It’s so awesome to be surrounded by amazing people who are growing and want to see you grow as well.

So this weekend, my mother threw me a graduation party. It was really nice. I had family, friends, mentors and neighbors come out to celebrate my accomplishments. It was so amazing to see all these people who have supported me and continue to support me. I really could not ask for anything more. After going around the crowd and talking with my guests, it seemed that everyone was in some way fulfilling their dreams. I had people that were retired military, young professionals, counselors, doctors, stay-at-home moms, educators even a NYPD Narcotics Detective present. It was a rejuvenating feeling to be surrounded by such positivity and growth.

This is what I need. I need positive, strong goal-oriented people in my life. I want to do some pretty, powerful things in the future and I need my circle to be doing the same. Now we all know we have the occasional slacker friend who we have to push every once in a while and that is ok. We all need a push sometimes. However, I am looking to go up and I am glad that I have friends that are looking for the same.

This past Sunday was Graduation Sunday at Church. The Church recognizes graduates from Pre-school through Doctorate programs. We had to get dressed in our cap and gown get to the Church really early. It reminded me of my actual graduation day, I was late lol.. Anywho, when the speaker stated my name, I could see my mom and sister and brother standing up clapping for me. Then the speaker kept talking about my different accolades and when she got to the last one. That’s when it hit me! (The entire Church – about 200 people stood up and cheered for me) Wow, I am really going on to fulfill my dreams. I am able to inspire those that came after me and help those that I will meet. It really hit me then that I was a college graduate.

New Friends.

In a few weeks, I will be starting a new job, in a new area and I hope to continue my friendships. I can’t wait to start taking trips and visiting places with these people. I am so proud and fortunate to have such bright, talented, dedicated and caring people in my corner.

I wouldn’t change my position for anything. I am in good place and things are only going to get better.

Jasmine Ay


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