Traveling Diaries: Organize Your Life

Hello World,

I feel like I have abandoned my blog.. BOOOO I’m terrible, I plan to not to do that again. Anyhow, I am currently typing this somewhere in Arizona.. Oh I didn’t mention I’m en route to California by way of my precious Honda Civic. I have job training in California and decided to take a road trip with my family.

I am not even going to lie the beginning of this trip was brutal. After I got the hang of being on the road for long periods of time, I started to get used to it. We are traveling literally from coast to coast. I am from the Tri-State area. It’s going well. We are actually stopping in Vegas tonight! I am so excited. I grabbed a room on the Strip for $45. I’m hype! Lol.. But anyhow I will include pictures of the various stops at the end of this blog post. The purpose of this post is to organize your life!

I have a problem with organization and prioritization. I get my work done, don’t get me wrong, but I think everyone could use a little more organization in their life. A good friend of mine got me hooked on this thing called a “Combine Board”. It’s basically a large to-do board. I know you’re thinking, why not buy a planner? I said the same thing. But the concept is putting your tasks in front of you. Kind of like a vision board. You want to have this board large and charge. It needs to be in your face as a constant reminder that you need to get your stuff done. Trust me, I used this board the week before I left and really got my stuff done. Like, I couldn’t wait to come home and put down the completed task. It gets addicting like you can’t wait to get the task done. There were things I put off the entire month of June (I know, I know) but I got it done in about 2 days with the help of my board.


My Combine Board.. On Tuesday.

I wanted to share this project with you because I think it’s important to become successful. In order to achieve success, you have to have the necessary tools to obtain it. This board has helped me in little less than a week. I hope that it will help you as well. Here are some instructions to get you started:
Directions: First, find a large piece of poster board or dry-erase board.


My board after a day.

Then with a large marker write To Do, Pending, In Progress and Done.

Explanations of Board Subjects

To Do – the tasks that need to be completed

Pending – Tasks that are in progress but require someone else to finish it, for example, if you need an alignment, you have to rely on the car shop to complete the task

In Progress – tasks that you are completing

Done – The Done Pile, you can start on new tasks

Voila! There you have it a Combine Board… I actually call it Jasmine’s Get Stuff Done Board, because I actually got stuff done.

What are some things you struggle through with organization, prioritization and time management? Have any other techniques that you can share with others?

Well I hope I helped someone today.

Here are my road trip pics as promised.


Meteor Crater in Arizona (yes I took this)


My cousin and sister.. Can you tell I’m the oldest? BTW this is in California.. Brrrrr


California or Bust.

Jasmine Ay


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