Listen Up!

I have come to the realization that I can be a terrible listener.. I am in between a selective listener to a I just can’t hear you at all. Now I am not sure if you have noticed, but I have an active mind. I tend to be all over the place. I have to write down everything! My head turns faster than most motors. When it comes to people telling me something, I swear I have fireworks churning in my head. I just can’t help it. What I do? I need your help.

How do you focus while listening?

Dexter: To show somebody that you are actively listening you repeat what he or she is telling you. *While typing this post, I was actually repeating this exact statement that was told to me.

I think this is a great way to focus and listen to people. People have so many positive and unique things to say. It is our job to listen. If not, we may be missing awesome opportunities or may even appear to be a bit rude. So let’s try and open our ears and really pay attention when someone is talking to us. Just like our parents said, don’t let “me” repeat myself.

Good Luck and Happy Listening!

Jasmine Ay


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