Note To Self.

IMG_2723Just listening to Teddy Pendergrass.

GRRRR.. My post deleted. I wrote so much to you all. But it’s ok.

Can I talk about the importance of drinking water? I went to bed at 8:32p last night, not because I was being a good girl and going to bed but because, I was thirsty! Once your head starts hurting from lack of water it’s pretty much the end of the night. (Regardless, if your favorite show is on) OY! It’s ok. I’m wide awake and ready to start my day.

UPDATE: I moved and finally started doing job, school is fun and hard at the same time.. and I’m happy. It’s a great day a great year to be alive. I should be doing my schoolwork, but it’s ok. I will get it done today!! I live in the West not the West Coast. Hint: it’s cold and snowy. LOL!

Can I tell you all about my new found love? Can you guess who or what?

Take your time….

Ok it’s social entrepreneurship. I think it’s important for one to own and run their own company. (Well at least for me) I’m learning so much in my classes it’s phenomenal. But I also think it’s important to send a message with a product. Give back and you shall receive. I am currently keeping an idea journal and it’s amazing, the things you come up with and come across throughout your day. I try to write in it about twice a week. It’s 5 pages long (Word Doc) and I’ve been keeping it for about a month now. You can make money and still impact and move people. At least, that’s what I think.

Anyone have thoughts about social entrepreneurship? Opinions? Are you taking on any opportunities? I would love to share with you.

Well have a great Tuesday! Enjoy pics from the past few months!

Location: Los Angeles, Santa Monica, San Francisco, Showdown Ski Resort, Solvang, Pismo Beach

BTW, that last pic is from Thanksgiving. First time I ever made food with two of my really good friends. We had food for days and it was AMAZINGTON!


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