We All Need One Crazy Friend or Two.

Hello World,

I need to dust off my WordPress. I’ve been failing.. Terrible Terrible. I have neglected something I love to do which is write. I can’t say that this will be the last time, but I definitely plan to get better! It’s been about 6 months woo. The new year is approaching us fast!!!

Let’s update:

I am currently on the West Coast (not quite the best coast, the East has that title). I am doing a pretty cool job! My Master’s is sucking me dry.. Have you heard of senior-itis on 20 well that’s me. Just have to keep swimming, the end is near.. I have a new relationship.. YUM! lol (mind out of the gutter please) I am spiritually in a great place. The Lord and I are just really great friends. I love Him and I am so glad that I take the time out and just listen and talk to him. My family and friends are doing swell. (Can’t wait to see you guys soon!) And my finances are fabulous -YAY to Natalie aka @Frugalista thefrugalista.com and @Learnvest https://www.learnvest.com/..

So why the Title?

I listened to a sermon by Pastor Toure Roberts of One International Church in Los Angeles, CA about two days ago on Vimeo.


This Church is amazing. I went to this Church after getting into a car accident, yes literally 1 hour after my accident and I was in tears. I was so moved by the Spirit, the people, the music. It just had me overflowing. I loved it!

Anyhow Pastor Toure’s message was about Big Thinking.

Here are some points from the message:

  • Expand your mind, when your mind expands your world expands
  • Faith is the substance of things hoped for
  • Miracles don’t happen unless you dip your feet in the water

Watch the whole message here Big Thinking

Just my luck, one of my “crazy” friends who plays phone tag with me each month finally called me back and we chatted for about an hour. Updating each other on our lives and our ambitions and I am so proud of him. This man runs like crazy literally. He also mentioned this book, “The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. ( I plan to purchase next paycheck – hey I’m on a budget!) We are really doing it up for some twenty-somethings..

Anyhow, the point of this blog is you can’t share your dreams with everyone! Yes, it is important to speak your goals into fruition but not everyone will believe you and not everyone cares about you. So find your crazy friend or two and let loose. These people are amazing and will be on your side (for good and for bad).

Keep it up Normal, we’re good over here.


A Crazy Dreamer aka Jasmine Ay

P.S. Some photos for your enjoyment. Lost ones… ImageImageImage

PPS. I’m doing videos again.. EEK!


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