Sunday Tea

It’s Sunday! That’s right a new start to a new week. A refresh button, even. I like Sundays because I can go to Church, reflect on the past week’s fails and triumphs and get ready for a new week of adventures. This week is especially awesome, because I get to leave Montana! (Yay!) and my really good friend from college is coming into town. It’s always great seeing a familiar face.

I call this post Sunday Tea, because everyday Sunday, like I do most days is I drink tea and look outside of my window to reflect on life. Today is perfect, because I got up for a walk with my pup (ZEKE) and I found him sound asleep. This dog has been waking up at 0530 each AM. It was nice to see him on his back snoring away lol.
This week has been interesting. I’ve been trying to ween myself off of the social media sites. Which has semi-worked. I’ve been spring cleaning trying to prepare my home for my guests and that is kind of hard when you don’t have Facebook. I plan on having a yard sale, very soon. I’ve been trying to mend a few relationships and I hope it’s working. So kind of busy huh? Oh and my dog got out of the yard this weekend. Talk about an exciting fourth! Lol. It was kind of nerve wrecking, but good to hear that he got along with most everyone he met.

On a money-saving note: I converted my old – school 1980’s thermostat to a more modern feel. My gas bills were up in the high 50s, low 60s. I got my gas bill this week and it was only $25! Woot, thank you to my friend who suggested it and motivated me to install it myself.

I don’t plan to stay long on here as I need to get ready for Church.
What are some of your Sunday routines? Please share 🙂

Until next time,

Zeke and I say tata for now.


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