Sunday Tea : How I learned I’m not a City Girl Anymore!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I’m up, unfortunately. Being a female can be liberating and humbling sometimes.

Anyhow, this week has been challenging. Parts of the week have been relaxing, but some parts have been mind blowing. I learned that I need to work on some of my characteristics ASAP. Unfortunately I’m not flawless no matter how much BeyoncĂ© preaches it. Lol (I get her concept, but we all have things we need to improve :))

Now going back to the title. I’m currently in the city and this is not for me. Most of my life, I grew up in the city. Jobs, internships, classes were taken in the city. That’s all I really knew until college and even then I was about 15 mins drive from the city.

Now I’m completely removed from the urban where I live but I’ve grown accustomed to it. The traffic, the dirty air, the uncleanliness is not appealing to me anymore. I like to arrive at my destination without planning 3 hrs for unfortunate circumstances. I also can’t keep up with the outside appearances like I used to. Everyone rocks LV, Michael Kors, Gucci, Jordan’s, Christian Loubotin, Giuseppe, etc.. They all look nice but I’m good.

The first place we shopped here was Goodwill. Haha it’s my favorite store. I love what I can find there. I found a brand new snow suit for Zeke, a blazer, shirt, a dress and The boyfriend picked up some shades for $17 bucks.

Where they do that at?

I always buy quality clothes/shoes without the influx of cost from malls and online shopping.

Our next stop was Ross. I had been looking for a XL kennel for Zeke because he won’t stop growing lol.
Well I found the same one that retails for $85-$90 at Petco and Walmart for $54.. Steal. I picked up some clearance tops, and Amanda got her harem pants.. She’s so stylish! Besides the taxes we came out ok..

The city just isn’t for me anymore. I’ll take my clean air, my above mediocre thrifted closet, and my non partying self elsewhere. It takes tons of discipline to save money in this town. I applaud anyone who does it! You are amazing.

Did I mention we saw a 2bd/2ba home for $350,000? Woah! I don’t know if I can go back to renting after owning my own home but, I can’t afford that.

Oy le struggle.

Well it’s time to get ready for Church.
I fibbed it’s time to fall back asleep until my alarm goes off for church..

How do you like living in the city? Do you live in the country and agree with my reasonings to not want to live there?

Peace and Smog,



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