Friends Feed the Soul

Hello New Follower Friends!

The past few days have been great! I have been able to relax and refresh myself. Zeke and I’s relationship is getting better and I’m enhancing other relationships in my life.

I noticed from my last post I now have 22 followers how awesome!! Thank you for following my absolutely awkward life lol. Hope you enjoy! And please converse with me!

I’ve noticed that being unplugged from other social media outlets allows me to think more and be more in tune with my writing!

On another note, my friends who are on a semi-cross country road trip came to visit this week. It is so nice to see familiar faces. Their visit was a healthy reminder of where I’ve been and where I need to go! My friends are so encouraging and motivating that I can’t help but be successful. Friends have a way of being so truthful when you know you don’t want to hear it.
I am thankful for my friends and family that are in my life today! They inspire me to do better and be better.

Well I won’t stay long! I need to enjoy my mini vacation with my man and sis! Until then!



Ps. I’m thinking about changing my blog name.. Here is what I’m thinking of: Melting Smile, Positivity Hunter, Awkward Placement, Jazz No Jeff. These are what I came up with. Am I on the right track? 20140712-100642-36402041.jpg


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