I’m going to Marry Him Anyway..

Marry that boy, marry her anyway. I love Magic! and the song Rude. Such a great tune. Them and Sam Smith are the perfect summer tunes.

This week has been like an adventure whirlwind with a dash of salt. So many things to do and no time to do it. Story of my life. This week was a rough one, but it’s over now. And next week, I get to see family and friends! YAY!

This post is titled due to my liking of the song, previously stated, and my yearn for people to get rid of their rude attitudes. I know I have my ways sometimes lol. But man, my eyes have opened up pretty wide to the ways of others. This week, I am pretty sure I was praying out loud as I walked somewhere. I just couldn’t believe some of things I have witnessed, but no one is here to judge. I wish more of us created peace and not ill will or harm to others. I am finishing up my book by Former Google and Current Co-CEO of FacebBook, Sheryl Sandberg (btw I love her) called, “Lean In

and she talks about the difference attitude can make. Instead of yelling at my little sister for not vacuuming the rugs, I can simply ask, “Is everything ok? I noticed you didn’t vacuum the rugs.” This can diffuse her defense mode to a more reactor mode to my concerns. I am still learning this whole thing called Life. Slowly but Surely.

I think I have nothing really more to say. God and my boyfriend have heard enough my gripes.

Happy Saturday!




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