Sunday Tea on Tuesday: Peace Be Still (Pics)

It’s Sunday again! Yay! The best part about this Sunday is I have my family here with me. My dad, mom, sister, best friend all came to visit me! How awesome! They’re living the Montana dream! And each day I realize how much I love the country! It’s so peaceful out here!

My family came to visit and to celebrate a joyous occasion. Zeke turns one in 9 days! Yay! There’s other things but I’m glad they came to visit me. We had a busy few days!

My awesome section helped organize our squadron commander’s call. It was fun and I’m glad that it turned out well. Then shortly after it was time for my gathering.

My best girl friend is here and I swear it’s a party every time we link up! I love that girl! We’ve been friends for two years and I swear I’ve known her my whole life. She keeps me at peace lol. While I was finishing stuff up at work, her and my sister picked out a beautiful patio set for me! Yay!!

Btw, my friend built me a patio! Isn’t it pretty!? The project was a total of $77 woohoo!! How awesome! I’ll have a tut of how we did it up soon!

Anyhow, I’m in the middle of the wilderness and I couldn’t be more happy!

Last Sunday my church celebrated 130 years of existence! How awesome! I thought I’d share images! Enjoy!



Life can be still or chaotic and sometimes it can be a little bit of both. However, it is up to you to choose if you want to be still or enjoy the chaos. The choice is yours. Don’t let others dead weight drag you down. Those around you should uplift and grow you spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Allow the good in and the evil. This is my prayer for me and you.


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