Home: How I Never Made the Bus.

Hello World,

Long time no write.

This trip back home was by far the best yet. I know you’re probably wondering how was it so great, if I didn’t make the bus.. We will get back to that.

I ventured home last week for two reasons, #1 it was my little sister’s birthday and since I missed every onne since she 9, I thought it would be best to arrange a trip, #2 I was invited to be the keynote speaker of the Trinidad and Tobago’s Cultural Association of Delaware 9th Annual Scholarship Gala. (I know a mouthful) Anyhow, I received a scholarship from this organization back in 2008 and now 6 years later they wanted me to come back and share my experiences. How awesome!

This was my first time guest speaking and I was really nervous, I was contemplating what I should say, but I was at a lost. I remembered I hated people who just got up there and fumbled around with their words, I really wanted to speak from the heart. I narrowed it down to three points. #1 Learning how to say NO and meaning It, #2 Find a Mentor- NOW! #3 Humble Beginnings and the Urge to Strive for Success.

I chose these topics, because I wish I heard them when I was in the new recipient’s shoes. I got up to the stage and I was a bit nervous, but once I started speaking and feeling out the crowd. I was good to go. I had some practice, so I am not sure why I was so nervous. On Wednesday, I linked up with the Dover High School Volleyball Team and spoke to them about college and playing a sport in college. Talk about intimidation. High School students are intense. But I think they received it.

This trip was the best ever, because I was making progress on goals that I have had for years. I’ve wanted to reach out to young people especially young girls and I did just that. The scholarship gala speech went so well that I was approached to do a conference in 2015! God is Good. I have so many people back home that are rooting for me. Sometimes when you are so focused, you forget that there are people in your corner wanting the best for you!

I am so happy He has allowed my struggles to be a testimony for others. I hope that my story can give people hope when they are lost.

Now as far as the bus goes. I was trying to be superwoman and be in multiple places at once. FAIL! I purchased a bus ticket to see my grandmother Viola in NYC. Unfortunately, I thought I could be back in time for the event. I would have been rushing to get from NYC back to DE in time for my event. And that’s if I made the departing bus and there was no traffic. So instead, I prayed and dedicated my speech to her. I love you Granny!

So there you have it! my best trip ever was surprisingly at home. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I see the future and it’s looking mighty great!


Mi Familia! (I didn’t get the tall genes in my family)




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