Looks like Caroline.. [NBM Update]

Good Tuesday Everyone!

I have been traveling a bit and am finally settling back down in my home with Zeke. I am so tired. This past weekend, I traveled to the beautiful state of North Carolina for my school’s alumni weekend. I had such a great time. I was able to see some of my sorority sisters and old friends from HPU and NCATSU. What a great time it was to reflect on old times and memories.

It was also an eye opener of where I’ve been. As much as I would love to be back on the East Coast, I know I am in Montana for a reason. It was interesting seeing the shock on people’s faces when I told them, I live in the far west, but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. I am able to grow and experience a different way of life. I am stretched outside of my comfort zone, which I feel like as a young woman in her 20s I think it’s necessary. Before coming here, I would have never thought of backpacking or camping or even getting a dog. Adjusting to your surroundings and finding peace is a beautiful thing.

On to the update:

I start my No Buy Month on 1 October 2014. So far I have spent $25 on wine. lol New Age was on sale and I just had to have it, but other than that, I have not spent any money that was excessive or not needed. I am very proud of myself.

This past trip to NC, I said YES to a dream of mine. This dream was to purchase investment property and allow students a safe and affordable place to stay as well as gaining some possible income for my future! So I am in the process of doing this now.. Wish me luck!

Until next time.. Enjoy some photos from the weekend!

IMG_0844 IMG_0848 IMG_0852


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