Something About Good People

Hello World!

A special hello to my new followers out there! Thank you so much for coming into my world. Hope you enjoy.

This morning before heading to work I read my Daily Bread – (little book that has daily devotions). Today I read a life story about a genuine friend. I found it interesting, because the past few months this concept has really dawned on me. The passage reflects on how King Saul was seeking to kill David and the two friends (David and Jonathan) hurried to flee his plan. Even in the face of separation and death, the two men were relentless to holding onto their friendship. The passage then closes with finding a genuine friend in Jesus Christ.

This passage was so apparent to me because sometimes people may feel lonely or isolated from worldly things, but in all reality we are NEVER alone. Jesus is always and will always be with us as long as we allow it and believe it.

I recently had conversations with a few people I truly call my best friends. They have seen the ins and outs of Jasmine. They have seen me struggle, helped picked me up when I was down, celebrated my victories and encouraged me during my shortcomings. I think I have found the meaning of a genuine friend in these individuals. We laugh, grow, smile, cry and build each other up. You should surround yourself with people who make you a better you. If you or them are going backwards, they are in your life for a season or seasons. It is important that you remember the lessons learned in those seasons to apply to your life.  It’s a harsh thing to say but it’s true.

For example, this summer I really learned the hard way about owning my house and yard maintenance. I didn’t water my lawn (oops) so I ended up having nasty brown grass while my neighbors (well, the whole block) had beautiful lush green grass. I said enough was enough and headed to my local hardware store to fix the issue. I grabbed some fertilizer and began watering religiously everyday and every night. After two weeks, my grass became green again. Now I didn’t have to water as much, but I still needed to maintain it. Now would I just stop watering altogether and have it revert back to nasty brown straw? No. I had new tools to use to make my grass green.

We don’t go backwards in life, we move forward. Iron sharpens iron and those types of individuals should be in your life. We all make mistakes and I am nowhere near perfect, but I as I mature and grow up I am starting to absorb new life lessons to become a better person and I want you too (is that right ? lol).

I then got to thinking my followers on FB and IG should be inspirational, influencers, people striving to be better and in the business of exuding motivation to others. I am excited what the next few months will bring. So we shall see how this philosophy works for me. I currently follow Heather Lindsay – and Mankofit –  (they assist with my spiritual and physical health).

Are there specific people you follow for influence and motivation on your life? Please share.




5 thoughts on “Something About Good People

    • Hello, Thank you so much for the encouraging words. I do appreciate it! You are my first comment! Woohoo. SITS is amazing.. Looking forward to reading The Paris Itinerary.. Enjoy the evening..
      Tata for now,



  1. Cheers to this!
    Anna here…nice to “meet” you via SITS!
    I dunno if you’re into country music, but I was immediately reminded of Little Big Town’s new song “Good People.” SO appropriate for this post.
    I am motivated by a couple people who bring light in my life – Gabby Bernstein, Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra to name a few – and I look forward to their postings on social media. However, any time I share them with others, I put out the disclaimer that motivation is a subjective thing – it’s personal. So, they may do amazing things for me, but maybe not for you. And that’s okay. I sure hope you like them, though! Haha.
    Best wishes,

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    • Hi Anna,

      Nice to meet you! Thanks for dropping by! I do have an assortment of country music I listen too.. (I live in the far west so it’s a bit hard to get away from it :)) I’ll be sure to listen to Little Big Town this week! I love Deepak Chopra. I will definitely research the other two. Thanks so much for the enlightening thoughts! I do agree motivation is subjective and personal! Building foundations and sharing wisdom!
      Love it!

      Have a good evening!



      • Jasmine!
        Don’t know if you’re into meditation or have already heard/signed up for Deepak & Oprah’s upcoming meditation series BUT if you haven’t, I highly recommend it!!! You can sign up at his Chopra Center website. Enjoy!
        🙂 Anna


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